To prevent gun violence in our country and to ensure that people's lives are prioritized over NRA lobbying WE DEMAND THAT:


1) Congress pass S. 2009, the Background Check Expansion Act, which you can read here:


Basically, this bill would make it illegal for anyone to transfer possession of a firearm without first conducting background checks already prescribed by law, excluding certain intra-family transfers and law enforcement use.


We also demand that Congress remove the gun show loophole (although this may or may not be covered by S. 2009). Currently, people can go to gun shows organized by private gun dealerships and purchase firearms without going through a background check. We need to ensure that every gun buyer is properly vetted and screened to keep Americans safe.


2) Congress amend the above bill to include background mental health checks and require all people acquiring guns to undergo a thorough analysis by a doctor.


3) Congress ban bump stocks! This is what allowed the Las Vegas killer to murder 59 people and injure hundreds more. The Second Amendment doesn't allow people to own tanks or dynamite. There's no reason why any American needs access to this extremely dangerous technology for self-defense.


4) Congress renew the federal assault weapons ban. Ten pages' worth of assault weapons were banned from 1994 to 2004, then the ban expired and was never renewed. Specifically, let's renew Title XI Section A of the Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act of 1994, found here:


Most of this law is not about gun control, so no need to read the whole thing.

The ban we want renewed is on pages 201-205, with the list of banned weapons on 205-215.

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