4/20 walkout and rally comprehensive guide

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Please read this before asking questions. If someone asks you about the walkout, refer them to http://bthswalkout.tk.

WHAT: A walkout and protest for comprehensive gun reform in Congress and locally (i.e. demilitarization of police)

WHO: Brooklyn Tech and over 20 other NYC high schools (public, private and charter from all five boroughs)

WHEN: Friday, April 20, 2018, 12 PM - 3 PM (note: Tech students walk out at 10 AM to coincide with national school walkout, then take the train to the park and protest there with all the other high schools)

WHERE: Washington Square Park in lower Manhattan

WHY: Because Congress thinks we'll forget, but we haven't and we won't!

Where should I go if I have questions about the protest in general?

nycsaysenough.org is your best bet. NYC Says Enough is the citywide coalition of student activists organizing this protest and they include representatives from over 20 high schools, including Brooklyn Tech.

You can also check out social media: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram

You and your family can also donate to fund the sound system, stage, tables, stands, generator, transportation for speakers from other cities (like a few Parkland and former Columbine students, yes, they're actually coming), permits, website, stickers, flyers, merchandise... I could go on. Click here for GoFundMe



Will I be punished?

Short answer: No. We promised you wouldn't be punished for walking out on March 14 and to date have received zero substantiated claims of punishment. We kept our promise and will promise you again: You will not be punished. You may be marked absent for classes you miss, but your grade will not be lowered and you will not be given detention or suspended.

Long answer: There is no long answer. You will not be punished. Period. Stop stressing about it. Stress more about the 15,125 incidents of gun violence so far in 2018 in the US and the 3000+ deaths. Just in 2018. Seriously. 

OK, so how does this work?

Similar to March 14, you will walk out of class at 10 AM. Do not wait for an announcement -- there will be no announcement. Simply stand up and walk out with your stuff. If people in your class are confused, tell them what's going on. Don't back down or get scared -- the teachers, for the most part, are on our side (fun fact: teachers, unfortunately, die in school shootings too).

You will have quite a bit of time to get to Washington Square Park. We anticipate train delays due to the sheer number of students walking out, so get there early. 

Is this a full-day walkout?

We walk out at 10, arrive at the park by noon and the rally ends at 3 PM. If you want to return to school, such as for sports practice, you will almost definitely make it back by 3:45 PM.​​ You can leave early, too, but there's no need to return to school.

More questions?

Contact us using the contact page above.

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